Unrefined Shea Butter Uses and Directions


Unrefined shea butter is such a powerful agent that it's almost hard to use it in a wrong way.  Here are 14 ways to ensure you're getting the most out of your Raw Unrefined Shea Butter!


1. Moisturizer

Shea butter has components within it identical to the moisturizing agents produced by human skin. This easily makes it the best natural moisturizer for your skin.

To use shea butter as a moisturizer, hold a fair amount between your fingers and rub your fingers together until the shea butter's texture is thin and silky. Apply the now liquid shea butter to your skin and thouroly rub it into your skin. 



Thoroughly clean face using cold water and an all natural facial cleanse. Once face is clean and rid of natural surface oils, completely dry. wait 5 minutes and with clean hands even apply a thin layer of shea butter to the effected area.



rest a warm, damp, folded wash cloth on the area of skin effected by eczema for 2-4 minutes. lightly dry your skin and apply a thin layer of shea butter.

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Bug Bites

Shea Butter works wonders when it comes to providing instant relief to itchy bug bites. Its anti-innflamitory properties even brings down the sweilling to as much as 100%. Just apply a small amount to the bite and poof! the magic begins... oh, and of course, as your mother would say "STOP SCRATCHING!".


Body Butter

Strengthen & Soften Hair

Stretch Marks

Nasal Congestion



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